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Brock Realtors, LLC

Brock Realtors is a full service residential property management company specializing in single family and multi-family homes and town houses since 1973. We are unique because property management is our only business. We are not a real estate company doing property management on the side. Thus, we devote our full attention to maintaining the condition of your property. Brock Realtors has created a comprehensive management process. We believe that proper management of the tenants is the key to maintaining the condition of your property and protecting its value.

We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have developed with our clients as well as the stability of our staff. Over the past 30 years we have gained detailed knowledge of the properties we oversee. This knowledge enables us to increase our effectiveness and deliver a high level of personalized service and responsiveness, yielding outstanding results for our owners and their properties.

Our goal in managing your property is to ensure the highest quality tenant base generating the greatest cash flow possible in the shortest time frame.

Client Relations

Essential to effective implementation of the management plan for the properties is frequent reporting to you by our staff. Written and telephone communications, reports and meetings will ensure that necessary information is made available to you, the owner, and the management team.

Tenant Relations

Just as important is an effective tenant relations program. Principle items comprising client/tenant relations are:

  • Frequent face-to-face contact.
  • Prompt response to requests.
  • Anticipation and resolution of problems.
  • Effective implementation of operating policies.
  • Qualified and reliable employees and contractors.

Contact Information

You can contact Brock Realtors in may different ways some of these are:

  • E-mail: Karen@brockrealtors.com, Hailey@brockrealtors.com
  • Phone: 817.292.4313
  • Fax: 817.292.4521
  • Active Tenants can contact us through their tenant portal on this website

If you do not get an answer when calling please leave a message with your contact information so we may call you back.